Lock-in 10%-15% Payout rates for the Rest of Your Life

Why Lock in Now?

Interest rates are at near 20 year highs.

Guaranteed lifetime income products allow you to lock in today’s high interest rates for the rest of your life!

By investing an amount today, a guaranteed lifetime income product allows you the ability to get a guaranteed stream of income for the rest of your life.

Planning to Retire in the Next Decade?

If you’re currently in your 50s and planning on retiring in your 60s you can receive 10%-15% payouts* on your money for the rest of your life from the time you retire simply by purchasing a guaranteed lifetime income product today.

*Payout rates are based on age and when you start receiving income

Our team at Colva can help you identify the best Guaranteed Lifetime Income product to support your retirement goals.

Lock-in today’s high interest rates before they go down!

Why Colva?

We are first and foremost an actuarial group. This means we use our expertise in having designed and priced life insurance products to show you, the client, how to get the highest return from a guaranteed lifetime income product.

We’ve worked with clients worth over $100M to everyday doctors, lawyers, and engineers showing them exactly how to do this.

We are committed to showing wealthy clients how they can utilize life insurance products like guaranteed lifetime income to reduce the risk in their investments, reduce the taxes they pay, improve their after-tax returns, and most importantly, INCREASE the amount of money they can spend in retirement!

Ready to Secure Your Future?

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