For too long high net worth (HNW) clients and their estate attorneys, CPAs, family offices, and financial advisors have had to settle with life insurance and annuity service providers with limited understanding of insurance who sold their clients poor products with hidden expenses that cost clients dearly.

But times have changed.

In the age of fee-compression, clients are demanding more comprehensive and fiduciary solutions from their advisors.

We utilize our life insurance, investment, and actuarial expertise to help advisors protect their clients’ portfolios against downside risk and provide higher after-tax, after-advisory fee returns than their current solutions.

We’re not just another insurance provider for UHNW clients and advisors; We’re their fiduciary actuarial and insurance partner

What We Do

UHNW Estate Planning

Strategic estate planning solutions to help UHNW clients maximize the after-tax value of their assets

Private Placement Life Insurance

Helping UHNW clients move assets into tax-free vehicles through PPLI

Whole Life Insurance

Earn 4% to 4.5% tax-free over the long-term with whole life insurance

Life Insurance Policy Review

Improving the performance of your policy with the right expertise

Life Settlement Valuation

Improving life settlement returns through in-depth analysis

Fund and Accounting Administration

Colva can handle all the back-office fund adminstration for your fund

Selling a Policy

The service that earns you 95% or more of your life Insurance policy’s market value

Our services our tailored to each individual client and advisor that we work with. Get in touch to learn how you can make better financial decisions for your clients while earning more for yourself.