• Tax Deferral Solutions
  • Bond Portfolio Optimization
  • Estate Planning/Wealth Transfer
  • Selling a Life Insurance Policy
  • Investing in Life Settlements

For too long fiduciary RIAs and financial advisors have had to settle with life insurance and annuity service providers with limited understanding of insurance who sold their clients poor products with hidden expenses that cost clients dearly.

But times have changed.

In the age of fee-compression, clients are demanding more comprehensive and fiduciary solutions from their advisors.

We utilize our life insurance, investment, and actuarial expertise to help RIAs protect their clients’ portfolios against downside risk and provide higher after-tax, after-advisory fee returns than their current solutions.

We’re not just another insurance provider for RIAs;
We’re their fiduciary actuarial and insurance partner

What we do

Tax Deferral

Helping high net worth clients pay less ordinary income taxes

Bond Portfolio

Increasing after-tax yield and/or decreasing volatility

Estate Planning/Wealth

Passing on wealth tax-free to future generations

Selling a Life Insurance Policy

Cashing out a life insurance policy for a higher value

Investing in Life Settlements

Uncorrelated 10%-14% net returns using specialized expertise

Our services our tailored to each individual RIA that we work with.
Get in touch to learn how you can make better financial
decisions for your clients while earning more for yourself.

"I've been working with Rajiv and Colva for years. They've helped me evaluate hundreds of policies over that time and have helped save my investors millions of dollars in unnecessary premium payments. It's been exciting to watch their team expand into so many different areas. I'm excited to see what the future holds for them"

Bryan Cooper
LaneGate Advisors

“Colva has been a great pleasure to work with. Collectively our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary premium payments as a result of Colva’s actuarial expertise in how to minimize premium payments on complicated life insurance policies.”

John Spalding
Consolidated Wealth Management


Premium Minimization

Premium Minimization

Premium Minimization Services One of the main concerns of life settlement investors is minimizing the premiums required to keep the policy in force. Colva is a specialist in utilizing actuarial principles...

We are actuarial and insurance experts that structure low-cost/no-commission solutions to fit clients’ financial plans