Creating Tax-Efficient Investment and Estate Strategies for UHNW Clients through PPLI

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) is an effective way for UHNW clients to move assets outside of their estate and protect the future gains from income taxes, estate taxes, and creditors.

This presentation does a deep dive into what PPLI is and how family offices, RIAs, CPAs, and estate attorneys can utilize it to help UHNW clients manage their estate and investment planning issues.

Key topics covered:

  • Why are rising interest rates and high taxes a problem for UHNW clients and their advisors?
  • How PPLI is essentially a retirement vehicle for UHNW clients and UHNW individuals?
  • PPLI liquidity “Super Roth IRA” for UHNW clients.
  • Risks of PPLI and how to minimize costs?
  • How can RIAs, Estate Attorneys, and CPAs work together to create a holistic plan for the client that addresses both investment solution strategies and estate issues?