Three Reasons to Work with Colva
Fee-only life insurance consulting firm minimizing client expenses and maximizing their returns. Guaranteed.


Life Insurance Fiduciaries

Colva acts as life insurance fiduciaries and provides clients with quantitative and qualitative assessments of policies so advisors can help their clients make the best investment decision for their risk profile.


Life Insurance Actuarial Experts

As actuaries, we’ve priced and made these products profitable for life insurance companies. Now we’re showing you how to make them profitable for your clients.


Investment Guarantee

Whether you’re looking to maximize the cash value or the death benefit return, we’ll guarantee that we’ll improve your client’s returns or provide you with your money back.

What is a Colva Policy Review?

Unsuitable life insurance policies don’t just fill the pockets of high commissioned agents, they can cost your clients tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be better invested with you.

To save them from wasting money, and to prevent you from lost revenue, Colva’s Policy Analysis Report answers the following important questions about your client’s policy:

  • Are my clients paying too much for their life insurance policy?
  • Would my clients be better off paying less into the life insurance policy and investing the savings with me instead?
  • Are there better performing life insurance policies on the market than the ones my clients already have?
  • What’s the best way to pay premiums on the policy to maximize the time value of money and the client’s after-tax return?
3 Different Risk/Return Investment Options

By providing clients with 3 different risk/return options, clients can decide whether they want to focus on maximizing return (high value/high risk option) or minimizing risk (low value/low risk option). The advisor can then help the client determine how this investment fits in with the rest of the client’s portfolio.

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Your clients could waste tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in high expense life insurance and annuity products if you don’t help them.

Ask any off-the-clock life insurance ‘advisor’ about the purpose of their job and, if they’re being honest, they’ll tell you this:

Their goal is to meet life insurance company targets and make as much commission as they possibly can.

Life insurance agents typically make 100% of the first year premium that a client pays into an insurance policy. As a result, they often have little concern over whether the life insurance policy is a good investment for the client or not.

Left unreviewed, a high expense policy can cost the client hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be better invested with you, their fiduciary financial advisor.

But how do fiduciary financial advisors determine the right strategy for the client without the requisite life insurance and actuarial expertise?

Here’s one option: Trust an unbiased actuarial expert to review your clients’ policies.

A Colva Policy Review provides you and your clients with an informed and impartial analysis from a fiduciary actuarial expert. We detail the exact manner in which our review meets each and every one of the objectives of the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA), so your clients can rest assured knowing that you’re meeting their fiduciary needs.

Whether your client is looking to maximize their tax-deferred cash value growth or their tax-free death benefit return, we guarantee we can increase your client’s return on investment over their current strategy or we’ll refund the cost of the review.

I’d like to invite you to speak with me to see if this service is right for you and your clients. Click the button towards the bottom of this page to book your free consultation.

Principal and Chief Actuary Colva Actuarial Services
“Colva has been a great pleasure to work with. Collectively our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary premium payments as a result of Colva’s actuarial expertise in how to minimize premium payments on complicated life insurance policies.”

John SpaldingConsolidated Wealth Management

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