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    How Exactly Does It Work?

    If you try to cancel your life insurance policy with your provider, they’ll offer you what’s known as a cash surrender value. This will be a relatively low payment offer which, if you accept, will remove the life insurance from existence.

    However, your life insurance likely has a much higher value than this. That’s why some financial investors are willing to buy the insurance policy from you.

    This is a regulated transaction that takes the life insurance policy out of your name. You’ll no longer pay any premiums on the policy or have any ties to it whatsoever. Instead, you’ll get a lump-sum payout far greater than the cash surrender value you’d otherwise receive. The investor will continue to pay your premiums, and they will collect the policy’s payout on your death.

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    Case Studies from People Who Have Sold Their Policy

    Matthew held his $1M life insurance policy for 20 years.

    As an 80-year-old widower who lives alone with mild dementia, he and his two sons decided that it would be best for him to move into an assisted living facility. In order to fund this, they decide to sell Mathew’s policy to investors.


    Premiums Paid


    Cancelation Payout


    Settlement Payout Using Broker


    Settlement Payout Using Colva

    Graph showing Matthew's payout

    Barbara is an 72-year-old married grandmother who had a fall and broke her hip.

    After surgery and physical therapy she’s moving well, but she decided to spend more time travelling the world and spending time with her family. Barbara chooses to sell her $500,000 policy and use some of the proceeds to take an extended Hawaiian vacation.


    Premiums Paid


    Cancelation Payout


    Settlement Payout Using Broker


    Settlement Payout Using Colva

    Graph showing Barbara's payout

    William is a 65-year-old grandfather who purchased a $250,000 life insurance policy when his children were young.

    Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer 2 years ago, his ability to take care of himself has greatly diminished and he now needs 24-hour care. William and his family decide to sell the policy.


    Premiums Paid


    Cancelation Payout


    Settlement Payout Using Broker


    Settlement Payout Using Colva

    Graph showing William's payout

    Are There Any Risks to Selling My Policy?

    The sale of existing life insurance policies to third-party investors is a safe and regulated financial transaction. In fact, tens of billions of dollars have been put into life insurance by some of the biggest investors in the world, including Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway.

    The risk comes when you try to handle the transaction yourself. You’re almost certain to get short-changed and, worse, you may fail to comply with regulations.

    While there are brokers who can sell your policy for you, standard commission for this service is an extortionate 15-30% of the final sale price. So what’s the best way to get rid of your life insurance? Read on to find out how Colva can help.

    Get the Highest Payout by Working With Colva

    At Colva, we approach the sale of your life insurance differently. That starts with our expertise. Our team has more than 50 years experience working in the life insurance industry, analyzing 10,000s of policies worth tens of billions of dollars. We know how to value your policy to the penny.

    We take that expertise and we work for you. Our fee-based costs amount to less than 5% of the final sale price, which can add up to thousands more than you’d earn with a traditional broker.

    We’re with you every step of the way, from our detailed valuation and independent appraisal to the introduction to buyers. If you work with a financial advisor, we’ll even work alongside them to help with the sale.

    Here’s What the Process Looks Like

    Free Consultation

    We begin with a hassle-free conversation so that we can get to know your situation and properly advise you.

    Holistic Policy Review

    Our experienced actuaries will show you how you could save tens of thousands in premiums on your policy, giving the option not to sell.


    If you choose to sell your policy on the life settlement market, we’ll analyze it in detail to get the market value. This will carry tremendous weight when it’s time to sell.


    We’ll use our extensive relationships to introduce you to a number of the most trusted life insurance policy investors. By speaking to multiple investors, you’ll be able to get the best offer – just like if you were selling a house.


    You’ll come to an agreement on the transaction price, using Colva’s expertise to ensure a fair sale. If you have a financial advisor, this is where they’ll get involved.


    We’ll assist both parties with the transaction so that everything is sorted quickly, fairly and securely. You’ll receive your payout in no time!

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